Welcome to TD Cafe & Grill - Bubble Tea

TD Bubble Tea

Our customers enjoy our sweet and refreshing bubble tea which is unique and different taste. We offer wide range of flavours and sizes.

Boneless Chicken Meals

We offer boneless chicken meals for lunch and dinner. It comes with chicken strips, goujons chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken rappa and chicken popcorn.

Combo Box Meal

We offer different varieties of combo box meal for lunch and dinner. The different box types are cheese burger, delight, grill, boneless, and friends meal box.

Peri Peri Grilled Family Meal

We offer four types of peri peri grilled family meal that comes with chicken, grilled burger, grilled wings, regular fries and bottle drinks.

Delicious Burgers

Our delicious burgers include chicken strip burger, chicken zinger burger, grill chicken, burger with cheese, handmade gourmet, chargrill steak, veg and fish burger.

Chicken and Snack

Our tasty chicken snacks includes breaded chicken goujons, crispy fillet strip, popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, mccain chilli pepper and cheese nuggets and mccain mozzarella cheese sticks.

Our Delicious Dishes